American Car Brands Name and Logos List

American Car brands mass market helps to produce great cars from the 20th century. The largest car brand is serving from last hundred years. Brands are well known for the spacious and huge interior. The automobile company owns unbeatable performance. These brands have provided the best performance and own a competitive urge to match steps. The world`s premium brands lie under the category of American brands. Some of the popular and enormously popular car brands across the world are as follows.

Current American Car Brands and Logos

AC Propulsion (1992)

Buick (1903)
Cadillac (1902)
Chevrolet (1911)
Chrysler (1925)
DMC (1975)
Devon (2008)
Dodge (1915)
Eagle (1988)
Fisker (2007)
Ford (1903)
Geo (1989)
GMC (1912)
Jeep (1941)
Li-ion (2000)
Lincoln (1917)
Faraday (2014)
Mercury (1938)
Merkur (1985)
Nash Motors (1916)
Panoz (1989)
Plymouth (1928)
Pontiac (1926)
Scion (2002)
SSC North America (1999)
Tesla (2003)
Vector (1971)
Anteros (2005)Callaway Cars (1977)Equus (2009)
Hennessey (1991)Local Motors (2007)Rossion (2008)
Racefab Inc. (1991)Saleen (1983)Street & Racing Technology (2004)
UEV (1998)Youabian Puma(2014)

All TopĀ American Car Brands Name and Logos List

Following are the top American car brands which introduced innovative cars and exceptional legendary features for its users.


The company is a successful brand which produces eye-catching cars. Chevrolet bowtie brand is the heart of automobile industry. The company is in competition with Ford. The brand provides affordable car and also produces sports cars including trucks, Suburban, SUVs and much more.
It is an iconic logo which was initially presented in blue and white colors. In 2000, the millennium logo was designed in the exceptional, royal shades of silver and gold. The colors depict enthusiasm and excellence. The logo has a consistent symbol which represents tradition and becomes one of the recognizable images. The vivid colors depict strength.

chevrolet logo image bumblebee chevrolet car Model image

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The general motors company is an old and great American car brands. It was first produced under Henry Ford Company and later on adopted by general motors. The cars produced by Cadillac owns v8 engines which can be used for governmental as well as institutional purposes. They also provided funeral, limousines, and ambulances.
Many people believe that Cadillac logo belongs to La Mothe Cadillac family coat and there are no evidence that such family existed. The logo does contain a variety of colors including blue, silver, yellow, gray, red and black. All colors symbolize special meaning in a logo and represent passion, grandeur, excellence, creativity and business responsibility.

Cadillac logo image Cadillac ATS-v model image

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It is one of the oldest car company which started its services from 1899. The American car brands own a history of more than 100 years. The company is in position with Chevrolet and rebranded Opel cars. Buick cars are only sold where German car brands are not available especially in China, Mexico, Canada and the US.
The company has tried many emblems, and they have gone through many modifications. The three shield in the logo is lined up which represents three models Electra, Invicta, and LeSabre. The current logo is silver in color and represents elegance with the gradient shades of gray which helps to give an attractive and eye-catching look. The original colors in the logo are blue, white and red.

Buick logo Image Buick Lacrosse midsize luxury sedan

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The famous car company is serving since 1908. The company is famous for providing great cars and trucks. It has outlets in more than 35 countries. The trucks and various cars are sold under different brand names such as Chevrolet, Saab, Holden GMC or much more. The first logo of GMC was presented in three different colors. It was in orange, black and white color.
The recent logo of GMC is in red color which depicts brilliance a well as boldness. It has a silver outline. The logo represents that company produce vehicles, trucks, and SUVs for American car brands. Logo of GMC is simple and sophisticated. It does not have any glamor or detailing and does represent values of the company. The red color shows the brutality of vehicles and emblem is completed with silver color.

gmc logo 2017 gmc terrain car model

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The company was established in 1900 and also provides various automobile parts. Dodge merged with Chrysler and started producing trucks which gained popularity in minimum time. Later on, a company focused on building modern and luxury cars, however, it also provided many sports cars to users.
Dodge company has also taken by FIAT. It has been divided into various brands. The company logo is simple and commanding. It consists f two red stripes which symbolize the performance of a company. The font used in the logo is powerful and letters are stretched horizontally. Shades of silver and red stand for dignity, sophistication, and grandeur. The logo does symbolize excitement, passion, and brilliance.

dodge logo

dodge viper Car models

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The company was founded in 1925. Chrysler is not one of a well-known company but still contributed in providing best cars. The marketing of brands is provided in different tags and price. The company faced many crises but still survived and continued its services from 2000.
The company has great winged Chrysler logo which is latest and winged in shape. The car company has taken over FIAT Company. Current logo of the car has a silver pair of wings which matches with company name along with the blue background. The detailing of the wings is done with silver color. The logo is modern and historical which gives a sophisticated appeal. The logo is several shades of gray and silver. The company name is written on the blue part.

chrysler logo 2010 chrysler 200 Car Model

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Tesla cars are one of the modern and innovative cars. It proves to be a great competitor for other automobile companies. The cars are very attractive and modern. Engineers have to face many difficulties to introduce the first car. However, the model proves to be an official logo. One of the comfortable driving experience you can enjoy with Tesla.
Logo of one of the famous American Car brands is simple but creative. It reflects an idea of electricity and shows excellence and durability of the brand at the same time. The shape is similar to T.

tesla logo tesla model x

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The Jeep automobile American car brands started providing its services from 1941. It was first named as Willys MB. The company produced great and durable vehicles which contributed services in World War II. They own great road abilities and can even run on terrain roads. They are simple in design and have a big role in producing reliable vehicles.
The shape and color of a logo are unique as compared to other car badges. It does not own any shield, ovals, and circles. It is made up of classic and exceptional design. Logo of Jeep automobile company has gone through many changes, but the original logo proved to be reliable and practical. It is always placed on the top bonnet to be more recognizable than any other brand.

jeep logo image grand cherokee Jeep Model

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