All Australian Car Brands Names and Logos

It is the story of most famous Australian Car Brands that make history through their hard work, management, technical and fiscal ability. When these companies started their work, their owner’s have not idea one day these are the giant industries in all over the world.

Background explanation about Australian car brands

120 years ago about in the past, it was started when first time in the history of Australia a car manufactured in 1896.That was manufactured by Mr. Herbert Thomson. Who was in Melbourne that used the first Australian made Dunlop pneumatic tires?

After the five years, Mr. Harley Tarrant manufactured the first time in the history of Australia made a petrol motor engine. This engine completed made on the domestic parts. After that Australia started an isolated position and get the advantage to manufactured cars without interferes of externals rivals.

After that two American Motors giants and foreign carmakers (Chrysler, General Motors, Ford and Toyota) entered into the automotive market of the Australia. Soon newly born Australian car brands (Ford Motors Australia, Holden, Toyota Motors Australia, The Mitsubishi Motors’ Australia) produces 475000 vehicles in 1970-s.

There are many famous cars brands in Australia but some Australian Car brands which are mostly famous not in Australia but all over the world. There are four names.

  • Holden
  • Australian Ford
  • Elfin
  • HSV

All Current Automobile Manufacturers list in Australia

Elfin (1957)

Bolwell (2009)
HSV (1987)
nota logo
Nota (1952)
Holden (1856)
Mack Trucks (1963)
IVECO (1902)
DRB (1980)

Amuza (1997)

Carbontech (2005)

E-Vade (2008)

Ford Australia (1925)
JOSS (2004)

Most famous Australian car brands names and Logos

Holden Car Brand

Active: 1908-Present
Headquarters Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Parent Company: General Motors
Brands Website:

The complete name is General Motors Holden Ltd. Its Head Quarter is in Melbourne. The company established in 1856 as a Horse Saddlery manufacturer in South Australia. But it moves in automotive fields in 1908. In 1931 this company became a part of an American motor group which name is General Motors. In 1998 company named was General Motors-Holden’s Ltd.

Holden logo image

This company is only responsible for manufacturing the vehicles for GM motors. Holden uses price conscious strategy. It produces such type of vehicles that are very easy for the general public to buy. In Australian car brands that are produced by Holden not use only in this region but also export in all over the world. There is a high demand for their vehicles in the rest countries.

holden emblem image

(Cruza, Barina, Malibu, and Barina Spark, etc.vehicle) are the big name of Holden‘s vehicles and (Colorado 7, Captiva, Caprice SUV and the Commodore) are large the vehicles and (Colorado, Ute) are the name of the car which is most famous not in Australia but also in all over the world. 

holden car brand


Ford Australia Car Brand

Active: 1987-Present
Ford Australia Headquarters: Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Ford Australia

An American giant is in Australia and ready to take the largest market share from their competitors. Ford Motors group is the big names in the motor vehicles world. This group established many automotive production plants in different countries like (England, Canada, and Australia, etc.). The Ford Motor Australia and it use Ford Australia as a trading name. But now a day’s Ford Motors Canada have a separate entity. The American based Ford motors having granted rights to producing the Ford Motors vehicles.

ford logo image

Ford Australia is the 3rd largest automobile manufacturer in Australia; Car makers present an outstanding medium of collection for both domestic and international market. This company is a familiar and well-known image in the world for selling motors like (Kuga Ford SUV, Mondeo, Festa, Focus, Ranger that are the small pickup and big trucks). They are also Transit the vehicles use commercially in all over the world. In which the company uses the world best driving technology and briefly check the vehicle efficiency. Australian Classic is looked into their Australian muscle cars. This car comes with a most attractive design and unbelievable speed.

Ford emblem image

The famous muscle cars Aussie are as the spare parts like American. In May 2013, Australian Ford Motors management announced that they would not be able produced more vehicles due to Uncompetitive manufacturing costs. According to the company’s annual financial report 2012, the company faces more than 141$ million after the tax. The financial position is very down. For the last five years company face more than $600 million, and more than 1200 staff members would lose their job in case downsizing.

ford australia car brand


Elfin Car Brand

Active: (1957-Present)
Company Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Company Website:

Elfin is a famous sports car. Its current name is Elfin Sports Cars Pvt Ltd. This company established since in 1957 by Garrie Cooper. It has been an Australian manufacturer of sports & motors racing cars.

Elfin logo image

This company was to buy by John Porter, Don Elliot and Tony Edmondson but presently this company is owned by the former estate British racing driver Tom Walin Shaw, through his company “Walk in Shaw Performance” mainly this company specializes in manufacturing in Formula 1, 2 and Junior Models.

Elfin emblem

elfin car brand



HSV Car Brands

Active: 1987-Present
HSV Headquarters: Clayton, Victoria, Australia
HSV Parent Company: Holden
HSV Website:

HSV stands Holden Special Vehicles; HSV has better known and the official partner of the renowned Australian Vehicle manufacturer Holden. The company established since 1987 in Clayton, Victoria; Company modifies the Holden models as a standard wheel based Commodore, with the long wheelbase, Caprice & commercial Ute. This company produces vehicles not for domestic but also export their vehicles to other countries.

australian car brands HSV

HSV has only their modified the cars. Under the GM there is very low portfolio volume. Cars that manufactured by HSV marketed their vehicles in the market under the brand name HSV. Some years ago, some companies that distributed under the Holden name not in Australia but also export most of the cars other countries (Singapore or New Zealand) used different names to the retailer (Vauxhall namely, and Chevrolet are the Special Vehicles).

australian car brands HVS Emblem

hsv car brands



It is the story of most famous Australian Motors companies that make history through their hard work, management, technical and fiscal ability. When these companies started their work, their owner’s have not idea one day these are the giant industries in all over the world.

All Defunct Automobile Manufacturers list in Australia

Adayer (1981 - 1985)Auburn (1979 - 1989)Australian Six (1919 - 1926)
Barnard (2001 - 2004)Bomac (2000 - 2009)Buchanan (1956 - 1961)
Buckle (1955 - 1961)Bullet (1996 - 2010)Bushranger (1996 - 2000)
Canstel (1970 - 1989)Clemente (2004 - 2014)Condor (1979 - 1988)
Creative (1980 - 1989)Wege (1920 - 1925)Daytona (2002 - 2008)
Giocattolo (1986 - 1989)Hartnett (1951 - 1955)IMC (2007 - 2010)
JSA (1978 - 1982)JWF (1959 - 1969)Leyland (1973 - 1986)
Lightburn (1962 - 1965)Marauder (1985 - 1991)Pellandini (1970 - 1979)
Predator (2000 - 2008)Purvis (1974 - 1998)Ricciardi (1982 - 1991)
Robnell (1988 - 2003)Statesman (1971 - 1984)Tilke (1987 - 1996)
Velacia (1967 - 1979)White Pointer (2000 - 2012)

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