All British car brands Name and Logos List

Britain is well known because of the high quality and luxurious vehicles. The cars manufactured in the Britain are not different from any other brand. There are many powerful British car brands which prove to be interesting and amazing. The country has provided the economic as well as the luxurious cars to all the customers. Many of the companies are still producing the best models.
British car brands are popular for the quality, design, and the overall performance. Following are the famous car brands who manufacture the significant cars.

AllĀ United Kingdom Current Car Brands List

AC (1901)

Arash (2006)
Ariel (2001)
Ascari (1995)
Aston Martin (1913)
Austin Rover Group (1904)
Bentley (1919)
Bristol (1945)
British Leyland (1968)
Eterniti (2010)
Ginetta (1958)
Grinnall (1980)
Invicta (2004)
Jaguar (1922)
Jensen Motors (1934)
Land Rover (1948)
Lister (1954)
Lotus Cars (1952)
McLaren (1989)
MG (1924)
MINI Cooper (1969)
Morgan (1910)
Noble (1999)
Radical (1997)
Rover (marque) (1878)
Rover Group (1885)
Rolls-Royce (1906)
Triumph Motor Company (1885)
TVR (1947)
Vauxhall Motors (1857)
Westfield (1982)

BAC (2009)

Caparo (2006)

Lightning (2007)

Reliant (1935)

Trident (1999)
Ultima (1992)

Most Popular British car brands Name and Logos

Following are the best and the most popular British brands. Get to know their logo history.


The company has the complicated history. The company was established after the First World War. The Indian Tata Group recently acquires the company. Jaguar cars are famous because of the embedded technologies and the sleek design. These cars are fast in performance and best because of the modular architecture. However, the logo or the emblem of the car is luxurious. It shows a hopping leopard which symbolizes the fastness of the cars and the durability. The logo has gone through many modifications, but the original logo is simple with an animated object.

jaguar logo



2014 aguar f type

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The financially potent cars which provide the limousines. The cars are well known because of the royalty in the UK. The brand is perfect for the high-class lovers. The company is known because of providing the spacious interiors and the lush looks. The car is available for the users who want to enjoy the comfortable drive. The Mulsanne sedan was selected as the best luxury car of the year. The logo of the brand is much similar to the Aston Martin but instead of the complete brand name; there is a capital letter B placed in a black circle. Beneath the initial black letter, the tail of the bird is designed. The complete logo shows the bird flying and reaching to the height. The brand symbolizes uniqueness, luxury, and the sleek design.

bentley logo continental gt3 r Car Model

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Mini Cooper

The company offers the compact and the economic friendly cars since 1950. They introduced the first charged car which was affordable in price. The logo of the Mini Cooper has the horizontal razor shape 3D lines wings which depict the edgy and stylish look. The wings are stretched and give a very impressive look. The logo is placed in the black circle. The black and silver color symbolizes the elegance, strength, boldness and uniqueness in the cars. The car has a sleek design accompanied with the best frame. It is available in a variety of colors so that people can buy according to their choice.

mini cooper logo


mini convertible car model

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Roll Royce

When it comes to the British car brands, then how can you forget the Rolls Royce? It is the world famous car company established in 1998 until now. The brand was sold to the car company BMW. However, the cars produced by the Roll Royce are exceptionally engineered and carved its place in less time. The company has the emblem which shows luxury. The newest version of the Rolls-Royce car named as Phantom features gold exterior and interior. Just remember that British cars have taken to an exception height.
The logo of Rolls-Royce is designed in a unique way. It shows the initials of the brand name placed on the top and beneath of the logo. The black and white combination of the logo defines the simplicity and the boldness of the engineering team.

rolls royce logo rolls royce wraith Car Model

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Aston Martin

The company established in 1913 and still produces the best UK cars. The company provides the best sports car which is exquisite in design. These cars are well known because of the luxurious, expensive vehicles. The brand has the ownership of the Ford Company. The new vehicles of this brand let the user personalize them according to their needs. It is the perfect blend of the interior and exterior.
The company logo is not simple but is unique in style. The open wings have the name written on it in the middle, with the green background color. The wings are stylish and covered with straight lines. The logo symbolizes the fast, ambitious and unique cars.

aston martin logo History

Aston Martin one-77 image

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Mclaren produces the high-performance vehicles. The company is rated among the best British automobile companies because it features the great luxury and comfortable car. The brand has carved its place and has gained a reputation in the minimum time. The McLaren logo is simple yet stylish. The title of the company is written with the rear wing on the top left corner in red color. The logo is the perfect combination of black and red which was finalized in the 21st century. The shape of the McLaren logo depicts the high-quality ad boldness in cars.

mclaren logo

mclaren 650s UK Brand

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Land Rover

The one of the best British car brands company was established in 1948 and still continues. The car manufactured by the Land Rover are competitors to the American SUV`s. The company got its inspiration from the American jeep. The Land Rover cars are famous because of the comfortable style, sophisticated features, and the luxury look. The logo of the car is an oval shape, and the title is placed in between it with the z shape at each corner. The earlier version features the name on the black background. The current logo us noble, elegant and depicts simplicity.
The green color of the land rover logo represents the genuine brand, purity, and dignity.

land rover logo

land rover range rover

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Best British brands

The British automobile companies and the cars are one of the best manufactured in the automobile market. British brands provide the expensive as well as economic friendly models. The car offered are user-friendly. These companies have the broad range of customers worldwide. They also own many manufacturers and outlets worldwide to ensure the 100% customer satisfaction. The best British Car brands have changed the way of lives. The roots of the car started back in 1900 in Britain. Many of the brands are producing the stunning models along with the best performance and high-quality vehicles.

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