All French car brands Name and Logos List

French car brands are popular in the market. The cars are famous in the European market and are the most driven vehicles. These companies provide the traditional and modern cars along with the exceptional performance. These cars are well known because of providing the exotic experience to its users. Following are the names and logo description of the French car companies.

All France Current Automobile Brands Name and Logos List

Aixam (1983)

Alpine (1955)
Bugatti (1998)
Bolloré (1822)
DeLaChapelle (1985)
DS Automobiles (2015)
Exagon Motors (2005)
Ligier (1968)
Panhard (1891)
Peugeot (1882)
Venturi Automobiles (1984)
Citroen (1919)
Microcar (1984)
MDI (2000)
PGO (1985)
Renault (1898)

Bellier (1968)

De Clercq (1992)

Dué (2010)

JDM SIMPA (1975)

Secma (1995)

Most Popular French Car Brands and Logos

Following are the best French car brands which are known widely all over the world. These companies produce at least 3 million cars every year and making a contribution in everyone’s life.

• Bugatti

Bugatti cars are famous and are known as the King of the road. They are the perfect blend of sports and modern cars. The company came into being in 1945 and has conquered the road after its first release. The logo of the car is not simple but yet unique. The logo has the B along with the inverted E, and the name of the company is placed in oval shaped. It has the red color while the Bugatti is placed in the silver white text.

The oval shape has the red dots boundary. The colors use used in the logo are great and gives a realistic as well as the professional look. The logo of Bugatti is easily recognized on the cars. The car company is well known because of the best, comfortable and luxurious drive. These cars are recommended to the racers.

bugatti logo image bugatti chiron Fastest Car

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• Renault

One of the famous French car brands is Renault. The company was established in 1898 and was introduced to provide the users best affordable cars. The car manufacturing company has presented the series of vans, buses, and even trucks. These cars are great in performance.

The logo of the company is quadrilateral in shape, or you can say it is titled square. The logo has the hues of silver along with the white part at one side. The square sign depicts elegance, simplicity, and high quality. The cars are best in acceleration and handling. Renault cars are also well known because of the electric vehicles.

renault logo renault kadjar range

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• Citroen

The Citroen company is famous in Europe because of the innovatively designed car. The cars are embedded with great technology and are noticeable because of the sleek design. The company is very famous and have introduced many new models recently. The logo of the company is simple and sophisticated.

The logo has the two arrows in shades of silver with the title in red color. The red color depicts boldness while silver color symbolizes elegance and sophistication. The Citroen cars are much appreciated by the drivers in Europe specifically because of the cheaper and best models.

citroen logo citroen c3 Car Model

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• Peugeot

Peugeot is the well-known auto company in Europe and France. The brand gained popularity after a long time. The Logo of the car company has gone through many changes and modified many times. However, the original logo has the lion standing along with the company name. The animated logo symbolizes brilliance, outstanding performance, and great design.

peugeot logo peugeot rcz range french car

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