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German car brands are well-known automobile companies which provide luxury cars and produce best high-quality sports cars. The cars established by German brands cannot be termed as budget friendly. Exceptional features are available to users in high prices. The cars are expensive and anyone which significant experience in driving sports car can handle them efficiently. These cars are designed specifically to handle poor roads and bear the complex weather conditions. Get to know about top German car brands.

All Top German Car Brands Name and Logos List

Following are the top German car brands and their associated logos. They do depict some special meaning and symbolize the company aim. They have been finalized after many years of modifications and hard work of designers. So get to know their major logos history.


The emergence of great and world famous automobile company was in the 20th century. The company is a hard work of two famous companies of Gustave Otto and Karel Rapp who produced great jet engines. BMW is one of the leading brands in the automotive industry. The company became an official partner of Olympics in 2012. It delivers more than 3000 vehicles in the event. It has paid great attention to innovation.
The 4 blue and white quadrants of the logo are the colors of Bavaria Free State. However, the colors in logo along with black depicts dynamic as well as bolder look. Blue and white colors in the logo represent eternal and high-quality performance.

BMW Logo history emblem BMW M3 Model

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It is also one of the top German car brands. The brand is worldwide famous and well known of producing luxury vehicles such as buses, coaches, and even trucks. The fast running vehicle has a great and unique logo sign. The logo has three pointed stars with a circle boundary.
The car has unique detailing along with silver, white, black and gray, however, the primary color of logo silver symbolizes reliability, efficient performance, brilliance, and dignity.

mercedes benz logo Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition

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Audi is a Latin word which means listen in Latin. The company is a result of four associated companies which are interlinked in the production of the car. The Audi car has four rings which symbolize four manufacturers. From left, the first ring represents Audi; Next represents DKW, then Horch and last one are Wanderer. It is much similar to Olympic logo. However, the logo represents strength, power, protection and great effort which made the brand successful.

Audi logo emblem image Audi R8 medel image

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Porsche is serving and contributing in the industry from last 80 years. The cars generated are enduring and unique. Porsche logo is very different or a bit complicated in its design. The logo represents the town of Stuttgart. The hopping horse is the main element which symbolizes brilliance and elegance. The horse in the logo is considered as good luck. Porsche logo is beautifully stylized. The antlers and the red or black color gives it a luxurious look. Colors of logo show honesty, royalty, brilliance, honor and dynamic nature of the car.

porsche logo Porsche 718 Cayman German Car

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The great German car brands are based on Wolfsburg. The company is world’s largest car company. Volkswagen logo has gone through many modifications. The color of logo defines beautiful dimensions which kept on changing or modified with time. However, the secret has not been revealed that who is the official logo designer.
The brand has produced durable, high-quality and reliable automobiles. Both letters W and V can interact beautifully and place in circle boundary. The color of logo depicts that company is excellent and produces one of luxury cars. White and silver shades symbolize purity security and charm. There is no doubt that brand logo is easy to recognize because it is unique.

volkswagen logo volkswagen golf car model

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German automobile companies are comfortable and fully packed with modern car style.

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