All Indian car brands Name and Logos

Whether it is the sports car, muscle car, classic car, dream car or you want the most expensive car, the Indian car brands provide the world happening collection.
Indian car brands. The growth of Indian car market keeps on increasing and people can avail the best-manufactured car in India as well. If you are planning to buy the vehicle, then follow the guide about the famous automobiles companies in India.

All Indian Current Cars Brands and Logos

Ashok Leyland (1948)

Asia Motor Works (2002)
Bajaj (1930)
BharatBenz (2011)
Chinkara Motors (1960)
Eicher Motors (1948)
Escorts (1960)
Force (1958)
Hindustan (1942)
Hero (1984)
LML (1972)
Kinetic (1972)
Mahindra (1945)
Maruti Suzuki Limited (1981)
Nissan Motor India Private (2005)
Premier (1941)
REVA (1994)
Royal Enfield (1955)
TAFE Tractors (1960)
Tata (1945)
TVS (1978)

Hradyesh (2011)

All Indian car brands Name and Logos

Following are the logos and the names of the famous automobile companies.

• Tata Motors

The company was founded in 1945 with the based headquarters in Mumbai. The company has many production houses based in India while the manufacturing plants are also located in UK, Argentina, South Africa and Thailand. The cars of the Tata are very reliable because of the fuel efficiency. The most affordable car of the company is Tata Nano.

tata motors car brand


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Tata logo
The logo of Tata signifies the knowledge and represents prosperity, strength, and reliability. The designer of the logo is Wolff Olins who presented the blue colored Tata Logo.

tata logo


• Maruti Suzuki Limited

Maruti Suzuki Limited is the great Indian automobile company. It is the traditional Japanese auto company with the fastest budget cars.

maruti suzuki car


Maruti Suzuki logo
The Suzuki logo is simple in style and elegant. The logo has a simple S style in red color which denotes the boldness and reliability of the company. The emblem just has the S icon in silver color with no particular background color.

maruti suzuki logo


• Force Motors Limited

The Force Motors company is known as Bajaj Temp. It is popular because of the heavy commercial vehicle, cross-country vehicles, and here wheelers. The name of the company is changed twice.

force motors car


Force Motors Logo
The logo of the Force Motors reveals the personal segment or the performance of the car. The logo has gone through many amendments and intended to symbolize the vibrancy and energy.

force motors logo



The PREMIER Company is Indian based company in Mumbai. The company started its journey in the automotive industry by assembling the parts of vehicles. The company began manufacturing the Padmini and introduced the modern taxi in India.

premier car


The color of the logo is different as compared to the other automobile company. The stylish P letter is placed in the round and oval shape which signifies the dignity, brilliance and the friendly customer service to its clients.

premier logo


• Hindustan Motors Limited

One of the largest and the famous Indian car brands based company located in Kolkata. The company is responsible for creating the engines for the various automobile companies. The logo of the Hindustan Motors is the most complex and different. The company produces the budget friendly and the fuel efficient vehicles for its customers.

hindustan motors car


Hindustan Motors Logo
The logo of Hindustan Motors is dark blue and white in color. It has an H and M embedded on it. The logo displays brilliance, determination and the great ambitious attitude of the company. The design is very artistic.

hindustan motors logo

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