Infiniti logo History, Infiniti Symbol, Emblem and Models

Infiniti started its career in 1985 with two primary motives: a stylish vehicle with tremendous performance and essence to grant deluxe to its passengers, to beat its competitors in the market and govern automobile industry. This position can only be achieved if the company is successful to identify user goals and specifications. The company has a rich history full of success stories and Infiniti logo demonstrates and reminds business goals. Infiniti was a total separate subdivision initially for expensive and luxurious cars.

Infiniti Car Brand
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Parent: Nissan

infiniti logo

Infiniti logo Meaning and History

The project name was chosen in July 1987. Now it is time to proceed towards eye-catching, Infiniti logo. Logo its-self is a great mark that personifies extravagance, super performance leading towards its high scope in the vehicle industry. The idea of company logo was taken from a mathematical term “lemniscate”. Nissan (a Japanese car company) utilized this logo in 1987. The eight symbol of Infiniti logo supposed have appeared at the start of human civilization. The metallic silver color of Infiniti logo adds special flavor of uniqueness and grace on cars models.

Infiniti Emblem and Logo Symbol

infiniti symbol



infiniti emblem



infiniti logo sign


Most Popular Infiniti Car Brands

Are you eager to now about smart, stunning and impressive models of this brand? Whose history and motives have captured your attention? Now it is time to read about its eye-catching models and to personify them in your imagination. The brand models are divided into three broad categories:

• Infiniti Q series

Takayasu Matsui; head designer of Q series has different thoughts that if we follow other brands without adding some unique features to our design, we cannot lead the market and will always be followers instead of governors. Infiniti will cargo passengers 0 to 60 mph in 7.3 seconds and will bring you down from a peak at 149 mph.
Q series has aluminum engine 4.5 litters V-8, each cylinder is designed with four valves. It has four-speed automatic gears. Antilock disc brakes are at all four corners. A spacious car for a big family, with 199.8 inches length and 71.9 widths. Some of its models include Q30, Q50, and Q60, etc.

infiniti q series Japanese Car



• Infiniti QX series

QX series includes models like QX60, QX70, QX80 all of them have almost same features but may differ in few specifications and design. QX60 features are first copy of JX Infiniti features. The seven-seater, much spacious vehicle QX60 is sleek, finely detailed. QX60 has a package of a full safety system. Hence, it is perfectly designed for family duty.

infiniti qx series Japan automobile



• Infiniti Hybrid series

Similar, to previous models hybrid, has QX 60, QX50, QX70, etc. discussing the model QX60 2014 hybrid we came to know it also has two powertrains. One powertrain deal in different modes of driving including eco, snow, sports, etc., and other is hybrid, uses four cylinders for best performance, a single 15-kilowatt electric motor. It adds more torque when more power is needed and recharges with a small lithium-ion battery. Hence, best for the ride with amazing features to support relaxed and thrilling drive.

Infiniti Hybrid series Car models



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