Isuzu logo History, Isuzu Symbol, Emblem and Models

Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Cooperation limited plan with the Tokyo Gas and Electrical Cooperation to make a Cooperation of Automobiles in 1916. The company built its first car in 1922. It became popular day by day and then the concept of the logo of Isuzu came. With the Company’s popularity together, for producing trucks and other vehicles logo become popular. Isuzu Logo managed to be the most recognizable and popular in the two main continents Africa and Asia.

Industry: Manufacturing
Founded: 82 years ago; 30 Mar 1934
Headquarters: Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Isuzu Logo Meaning and History

A logo is a graphic mark mostly used by the Enterprises and even individuals to promote themselves. It can also become their graphic identity. You can recognize the company through the logo. In the same way, Isuzu Logo provides a unique identity to its vehicles with a variety of designs and meanings.

isuzu logo

Isuzu Logo evolution

The Isuzu Logo disappeared from its vehicles as the years passed but still visible on the corporate communications in the company. The Logo is text based with Z and S are mirror images of each other. The company started new beginning with General Motors in 1974.
It again developed its logo in which there are two white pillars with the red background. Isuzu is written on below of this. Based on the common mark of quality pillars were a stamp of excellence used by craftsmen.

Representation of Logo

The pillars in the Isuzu Logo stylized in a way that represents the first syllable.
Pillars in the logo are a white symbol dividing it into its commercial values. These white pillars show how much company is determined to involve in automobiles. The company acts diligently to protect its trademarks. Its logo is its trademark all around the globe, and Logo gives its unique identification to all around the world.

Isuzu Emblem and Logo Symbol

isuzu Logo Symbol



isuzu emblem


Most Popular Isuzu Models

Following are the famous and popular models of Company.

Chevrolet Colorado

One of the popular Company’s Model is D-Max. It is a pickup truck manufactured by Isuzu Motors. It has the same general track with the General Motors. The Chevrolet Colorado name is usually applied to the re-badged version of the D-Max. Engine for that year till end of 2004 derived from its direct predecessor: 4JH1-T 3.0.

Chevrolet Colorado brand



• Isuzu D-MAX

D-MAX consists of a highly-efficient diesel engine that uses leading technology to provide precise fuel control over excessive use. Its Powerful diesel engine is built for towing over the rocks and bumpy roads. D-Max can pull caravans uphill and down the roads. It has a very heavy duty suspension even you can drive through the toughest terrain. It is great competent for going off the road. D-Max will give you five-star safety having air balloons in the doors and in front which help you not to get hurt in the case of any incident.

Isuzu D-MAX japan model



• Isuzu Hombre

The second most popular product of Company’s Motors is Hombre. It is Regular Cab Pickup with much power in it. It is a great truck for the money you are going to pay for it. The High-Performance version of Isuzu Hombre came with a larger Y pipe and was only installed in some of the S-10 Blazers and S-15 Jimmies.

isuzu hombre



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