All Italian Car Brands Name and Logos List

The Italian car brands are well known as the best sports cars. These cars are ranked highest in the world and include the famous brands such as Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati and other names. The logos of these cars have gone through a lot of modification since the companies have been established. However, Italy owns the best three car manufacturing companies whose cars are available at affordable prices. Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo cars play an integral part in the life of an average person because the cars are fuel efficient and best even in the hard economic times.

All Italy Current Automobile Brands Name and Logos List

Abarth (1949)

Alfa Romeo (1910)
Bertone (1912)
Covini Engineering (1978)
Dr Motor (2006)
Ducati (1926)
Ferrari (1947)
Fiat Automobiles (1899)
Fornasari (1999)
Iveco (1975)
Lamborghini (1963)
Lancia (1906)
Mazzanti (2011)
Maserati (1914)
Martin Motors (1990)
Pininfarina S.p.A (1930)
Picchio (1989)
Pagani (1992)
Vespa (1946)
Vignale (1948)
Zagato (1919)

Most Popular Italian Car Brands and Logos

Following are the description of the famous Italian car brands name and their logos.


The company was established in 1947 by the Enzo Ferrari. It is one of the best and the most excellent car which is world famous because of style and fastest speed brand. The car is the most desirable by every individual present on earth. It is the super sports cars and also listed among the luxury cars as well. Ferrari provides the best racing experience to its users. Until now, Ferrari has gone through many improvements in performance, speed, and quality.

The logo of Ferrari is unique which has a horse with the three colors on the top showing the Italian brand. The Horse in the logo is inspired by an air person who used this sign on his planes. The horse sign is not changed over these years because it has brought luck and fate to the company.

ferrari logo ferrari laferrari Fastest Car

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Fiat is an Italian car brand which established back in 1899 till present. It is one of the renowned company which provides efficient cars and have maintained the brand reputation over all these years. Fiat owns the best car models including Bravo, Uno, Panda, Grande Punto and Punto. The cars are affordable and available in every size. The logo of Fiat Company is red in color symbolizing brilliance, strength and efficiency. The company name is placed in a capital letter inside the quadrilateral shape surrounded by the silver square and round shape.

Fiat logo fiat-500l-model-image

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Alfa Romeo

The company manufactures the car racing vehicles and provides luxury version along with the formula one cars. The cars are best in design and are engineered exceptionally. The interior and exterior of the cars cannot be compared with any other brand. The logo of Alfa Romeo company is very different and unique in design. It owns one cross sign and the Snake, eating man. The symbol is associated with a story, but the color sequence symbolizes reliability, durability, and quality of the cars.

alfa romeo logo alfa romeo 8c competizione

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One of the famous Italian car brands is Maserati which is known for producing the sports cars. These cars are the perfect blend of horsepower as well as sleek design. The exterior or the body shape of the Maserati cars are more similar to Porsche. However, these cars are well known because of distinctive features. The company produces one of the best luxury cars. The logo of Maserati symbolizes the royalty which is depicted in the luxurious cars. The crown symbol in the circle and with blue color denotes comfortability and reliability of the vehicles.

maserati logo maserati granturismo car model

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The Italian company brand Lamborghini was established in 1963. The car proves to be a competitor for Ferrari and Maserati because of its top speed, high performance, and great looks. Within a short time, the company was able to establish its reputation. Lamborghini cars are renowned and rated as the luxury cars of the 21st century. The logo of Lamborghini company shows a bull and the company name in golden with the black background in the badge sign. The logo symbolizes strength, boldness, top speed and high quality. The vehicles are world famous and own the best cars regarding speed and performance.

lamborghini logo lamborghini diablo Italy Car

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The Abarth Company is an active Italian car brand which is famous because of affordability. The cars are much similar to the Mini Cooper and are best for the road racing. Abarth cars are compact in size and very famous. The Fiat Company owns the company, and even Fiat manufactured and approved the Abarth logo. The last vehicle by the firm was made in 2012, and it was Abarth Punto Supersport. Headquarters of the car company is based in Turin which mainly focuses on the racing and road cars.

The company logo has two bold and bright colors with a Scorpio which is placed in the badge. The logo symbolizes sharpness. The cars are unique in design and have a vast interior which provides comfortability to the users. However, the company has many partners along with the exclusive and unique features. The logo of the car is recognizable because of its remarkable design and distinctive colors.

abarth logo Abarth 595 Car Model

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The logo of Lancia has gone through many changes and has a long history. The automobile company is based in Turin and established in 1906. Logo of the car was no special because it was just a written script. The logo modified with a flag in blue color which was surrounded by the steering wheel. The logo keeps on changing and was redesigned into a metal border logo. The original logo of Lancia Company is straightforward and sleek and styles. It is bit larger as compared to the other logos.

The cars of the company are great in design and are larger in size. The car provides the user comfortability along with the spacious interior to enjoy the drive and has the best experience. The logo of Lancia is straightforward and schematic with the clue background which depicts calm, comfortability and quality.

lancia logo lancia delta Car Model

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The Italian car brands are best in quality. They are worldwide famous because of the sleek design, impressive interior, and best performance. Mostly the Italian brands produce the sports cars which are breathtaking and awe inspiring for the car lovers. The price of the sports vehicle manufacturers is high as compared to the commercial friendly brands such as Fiat, Abarth, and many others.

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