Japanese Car Brands Name and Logos List

Japanese car brands own great and unique history. The team of automobile companies has strived hard to gain success all these years. All of the automobile companies are large industrial corporations which own subdivisions from half 20th century. It is true that all of the Japanese automobile manufacturers have met the needs of all domestic clients and market. Japan have gained international success after the 1960s and have been named among top three car producing company in the world. The oil crisis in 1973 proved to be a great opportunity for Japanese automobile company. The people of North America has exchanged their cars from thirsty fuel cars with fuel efficient four-wheel vehicles. However, these brands are reliable as compared to other American Vehicles. The cars are known because of affordability, fuel efficiency, low running costs as well as reliability.

Current Japanese Car Brands Name and Logos List

Acura (1986)

Autobacs (1947)
Daihatsu (1907)
Dome Co. Ltd (1975)
Hino (1942)
Honda (1946)
Infiniti (1989)
Isuzu (1916)
Kawasaki (1896)
Lexus (1989)
Mazda (1920)
Mitsuoka (1968)
Mitsubishi (1870)
Nissan (1933)
Subaru (1953)
Suzuki (1909)
Toyota (1937)

All Top Japanese Car brands and logos history

The big Japanese car brands are known for legendary and high-quality cars. They surely win the hearts of many drivers. Following are the renowned Japanese car brands which are eminent because of providing famous, brilliant and great cars.


Toyota is a famous Japanese automobile company which started its service from 1903. The Toyota celebrated 75 years of success in 2014, and it is well-known manufacturer worldwide. It is renowned because of providing high-quality vehicles which enable users to have a safe drive. Over these years, the company managed to maintain innovative designs, fresh and great car concepts which improved the way of living of many people. With the high oil prices, the company provided economic cars which replace sedans. The Toyota gained a reputation of providing reliable and cheap cars.
Toyota logo is based on Japanese culture which shows two ellipses overlapping. It represents customer value, trust, and respect. Space in between circles symbolizes infinite value. Eye catching logo is gradient and perfectly shoe reliability, innovation, and brilliance of brand.

platinum etios Toyota Car Model

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The company provides leading motorcycles, cars, and great vehicles worldwide. It is not only famous because of vehicles but also produced internal combustion engines. The first great car gained success in minimum time was s500. It is serving its customers for more than two decades and introduced great car creation. The company put efforts in providing eco-friendly and technology embedded vehicles.
The logo of Honda is unique and simple. It is recognized worldwide with a capital letter H placed in a square box. The logo has only one shade and does not have any detailing. Silver color shows brilliance and innovative vehicles.

honda logo honda symbol honda civic car Models 2016

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Mazda automobile company was established in Hiroshima in 1920. It paved opportunity when oil crisis hit the automotive industry. The first logo of Mazda Company was written with a specific font. However, the logo has been gone through many modifications, and the first logo had three M letters.
Logo of company much resembles the Renault logo which is in a diamond shape. The current logo has a stylized M placed in an oval shape. It also resembles company and great sun along with stretched wings. The brand is very inspiring and represents the freedom expression.
It is basically in 3D model and stylized exceptionally. Just like other car brands several shades and hues of black and silver are used for the logo.

mazda logo mazda 3 s Car model

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One of the famous Japanese car brands which are famous globally. The company owns more than 35 production houses worldwide along with 133 distributors and 45000 employees based in 192 countries. The logo of a company is simple and yet elegant. The iconic corporation has an incredible capital S sign in the logo which makes it appealing and simple. Any user can easily recognize the sign or logo of Suzuki. The first logo was designed in 1958, and it was black. Later on, the logo has gone through many modifications.
The color of the logo is in bright red color with a white background depicting passion, vitality, and determination while blue color shows strength and harmony.

suzuki logo suzuki ciaz Car brand

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Among the great significant rivals, Acura cars are famous because of luxury performance and amazing features. The car has gained popularity and is renowned worldwide. The logo has launched great performance for all of its vehicles. Acura logo has a similar logo to Honda with a capital H.
Acura logo has stylish A, which resembles accuracy. It has a silver color which enhances its visual depiction and great hues of white symbolize virtue, flawlessness, and integrity.

acura logo Acura MDX Japan Car Brand

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The car brand is famous because of providing affordable cars which are compact in size. The company has introduced the cars in an upgraded version and have given it is a new look. Nissan provides the most spacious, user-friendly and comfortable car of the era.
The designers of the company have done experiments with various colors and fonts but ended up making a great decision for Nissan logo. The company got inspiration for a logo with its sister company Datsun. The silver logo depicts elegance, innovation, and high-quality cars which are the reason behind its success.
The current logo has been designed various shades of black and silver by depicting sophistication excellence and creativity. Inside logo, word Nissan is printed in black font with a circle boundary.

Nissan Car Logo image nissan gtr car

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It is one of the great Japanese automobile company which took over American market of vehicles after launching its first car. The company came into collaboration with the exceptional Lexus brand. The brand features reliability and power from years.
The logo truly succeeded when designers created an influential and powerful logo. The font is available is decorative font style which depicts the pillars of a company such as stylish, elegant and futuristic. The logo has a capital letter L place inside round shape circle. The logo is simple and easy to recognize.
The main theme is gray in color which symbolizes perfection, excellence, creativity, modernity, and sophistication.

lexus logo lexus lfa nurburgring Car Model

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Mitsubishi is one of the largest Japanese brands which introduced its first car in 1917. The famous company produces high efficient and quality cars. The company has a distinct logo which directs to the family of Yataro Iwasaki and the first originator Tosa clan.
The logo is a perfect combination of three red rhombus which alludes as jewels. They connect with the center and the recent logo has not been changed since 1964. The three red rhombus owns and is outlined in bright as well as deep shades. They express passionate energy along with bold and dark black alphabets.

mitsubishi logo Mitsubishi Eclipse Japanese Car

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You can say that Infiniti is a top and a secret task fulfilled by Nissan. The aim of the company was to create and provide its customer affordable, reliable and cars with great performance. Infiniti is also one of those Japanese car brands which compete with European as well as US luxury cars producers.
The first logo introduced was in the shape of 8 lying in horizontal shape. However, later on, it was designed to represent luxury cars of the automotive industry. The color of the logo is metallic silver in color and look very elegant on car bodies. It adds elegance and also flavors luxury. Yet the logo is simple but unique and different. The metallic silver symbolizes luxury cars and brilliance of company.

infiniti logo infiniti q series Japanese Car

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Isuzu Company established in 1916 and introduced its first car in 1922. The company gained popularity in less time. Isuzu was popular for producing vehicles, trucks and great cars. The logo is recognizable and contains text having Z and S. the recent logo contains white pillars which enhance the look with a red background. Below company name is written. Quality pillars depict excellence and high quality. The white pillars depict unique identification and represent a determination of company.

isuzu logo Isuzu D-MAX japan model

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The Japanese car brand is popular in America because of its great performance. After the establishment of a company, it aims to attract consumers worldwide. The company is recognizable and mainly targets youth audience. Toyota adopted Scion automobile company. The first car introduced by Scion was in 2002 which gained popularity within a week. The brand name was inspired from a French word Cion or Sion which means shoot or twig. The cars and latest models are known as a Fresh machine.
Logo history of Scion is unknown and was proposed by a Los Angeles company. Scion Logo has a stylish S which cuts the title of the company from the center and is placed in an oval shape. According to many people, they take half part as a dorsal fin because all of the cars are based on sports. They provide adventurous thrills if water sports.

It symbolizes a swimming shark. The logo is much inspired and similar to Toyota Company. It is silver in color which represents high quality as well as brilliance. The company name shows innovation as well as maturity.

Scion logo 2016 Scion iM Japan Car Model

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Subaru is also one of the well-known Japanese company which provides boxer engine in its cars. The automobile company is a part of Fuji industries and was named as the Pleiades. It means seven sisters or clusters of stars, however, Subaru company logo has gone through many amendments but current logo is with a blue background which shows blue sky with bright stars. The logo has five small stars and one big star which are interconnected with each other.
The Subaru Logo is in an oval shape. Each star has four points. The design of the logo is exceptional and has a simple look. The combination of two colors blue and silver depicts brilliance as well as professionalism. However, many of users find the logo romantic.

Subaru logo Subaru BRZ Japan Autombile

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Daihatsu is one of the oldest Japanese automobile company. It features the popular and large range of great cars which are compact in size. Officially the car company was knowns as Hatsudoki Seizo but later on it registered the name as Daihatsu. From many years the company has not released any vehicle and rumors have been heard that company is not able to compete in future. The logo of the company is old and features a capital D placed in a square red block.
Because of slow production and no progress, the company has not produced or made any modification in its logo.

Daihatsu logo daihatsu Car



Mitsouko Company is also one of the small automobile company located in Japan. The company is popular for providing great cars since the 1950s. It is a well-known company which got its inspiration from British vehicles. The company not only produced cars but also offered sports cars, buses, and great coaches. It is the primary distributor of cars which provides classic cars.
The car logo is very different and unique. An eight pointed star is placed in a circle, with the shades of black and silver. This symbolizes brilliance, efficiency, and great cars. The company has not produced any car from last many years.

Mitsuoka Motors logo Mitsuoka car

Above all are the great Japanese Car brands which are serving all type of passengers and customers from years. Many of the car brands cannot be compared and distribute cars worldwide. The logo history varies company by company. All car brands have a unique logo which enhances the look of the car and are placed right in front. This helps to identify the brand and allows to depict it performance. The cars are brilliant, exceptionally designed and aims to provide luxury drive to everyone. So get the car which suits best to your needs.

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