Mitsubishi logo History, Mitsubishi Symbol, Emblem and Models

Mitsubishi is the largest Japanese mechanical gatherings, left on creating vehicles as ahead of schedule as in 1917. Their first vehicle named as Mitsubishi Model A, construct altogether in the light of Flat Tipo 3, flopped in the market because of high costs. However, Mitsubishi is one of the famous automobile company which produces efficient and high-quality cars. Read the history and meaning of Mitsubishi logo.

Mitsubishi Car Brand
Founded: April 22, 1970; 46 years ago
Founder: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Mitsubishi Logo Meaning and History

The vehicle ended up being the principle Japanese auto to highlight the full-time four-wheel drive. All through the historical backdrop of the organization, it has been nearly associated with a distinct logo frequently mentioned as “the three diamonds’. The Mitsubishi Logo directs to the family peaks of Yataro Iwasaki, the company’s originator and Tosa clan, his first employer. These crowns were converged to form the symbol of the giant of all mechanical gatherings, Mitsubishi.

mitsubishi logo


Mitsubishi Logo description

Mitsubishi logo is a blend of three red rhombuses, often alluded to as jewels. They are connected with the center. The famous logo has not changed since 1964 and remains discernable symbol in the entire world.


The symbol of Japanese organization is made out of three equivalent rhomboids that form a triangular image. The highest one is placed vertically and the two lower ones and placed horizontally. These two forms the basement of the triangle. Each of these three precious stones is connected in the center, exemplifying integrity, dependability, and victory.

Color of Logo

The three jewels framing the Mitsubishi Logo are outlined in deep and bright red shading. This color expresses the passionate energy and fervor of both maker and proprietors. Mitsubishi Motors writing below the Mitsubishi Logo is designed in dark black letters.

Mitsubishi Emblem and logo Symbol

mitsubishi emblem



mitsubishi logo sign



mitsubishi symbol


Most Popular Mitsubishi Car Models

In the entire journey, the giant organization has come forward with their best models. Following are the top models of Mitsubishi Motors.

• Mitsubishi Starion

Mitsubishi made its appearance in the US in 1982 and have carved it place soon after its emergence. Starion is a successful model of the company who gained a lot of importance. This car was designed to compete against heavyweight cars like Nissan A-cars, Toyota Supra, and Mazda RX-7. Car was bought by Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth. The car owns intercooler property along with a wide-body kit as well as ESR trim. The car possesses at least 188 hp and weighs at least 234 pounds-feet. It is an amazing Japanese automatic sports car.

mitsubishi starion Car model



• Mitsubishi Eclipse

In 1989, Eclipse came up as a substitute for Starion, and the car is ahead to wind up the passage to tuning society for a huge number of gearheads. The car was built out of understanding between the Chrysler and company. The eclipse vanished after four remarkable years in 2012, however, the greatness days of the car were long behind.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Japanese Car



• Mitsubishi Galant Mitsubishi VR4

Mitsubishi’s new Galant Mitsubishi VR-4 is one of the turbocharged car which provides 4 wheel drive, a marginally more cultivated variant of organization’s manufacturing plant upheld rally autos – yet just somewhat. After 1992, Mitsubishi moved its hustling center to the lighter lancer. The car was modified in 2002 again.

Mitsubishi Galant Mitsubishi VR4



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