Scion logo History, Scion Symbol, Emblem and Models

One of the popular brand of automobile in America. It has one of the great badges. Scion cars are famous because of perfect performance. The company founded in 2002 and aimed to attract maximum consumers. The Scion logo is well known. It is quite recognizable and is designed by the Los Angeles company. So read the history and meaning of the Scion automobile company logo.

Scion Car Brand
Founded: June 9, 2003
Defunct: August 5, 2016
Headquarters: California, U.S.
Parent: Toyota

Scion logo Meaning and History

According to the researchers, the history of Scion logo is unfamiliar. The company never mentioned details related to the logo history. Scion is a company which soon was adopted by Toyota Japanese automobile company. It is known as youth brand and famous among American Customers. The car appeared in 2002. The name of the brand is based on Old French sion, Cyon, cium or Cion. All of these words means twig or shoot.
The Los Angeles Company is designed exceptionally and often referred as a Fresh machine.

Scion logo

Shape of Logo

A stylish S is cutting up the logo or the company name from the center. The company name is placed in an oval shape. Many of the users see the S half part as a shark fin. They say that dorsal fin of shark depicts the dynamic car which is great in performance. However, as the car provides the thrills of water sports so symbolizing it as a fin of swimming shark will be great. Scion logo is inspired from Toyota emblem.

Color of logo

As Scion company offers all unique vehicles. The vehicles depict the owner’s passions and targets younger audience. Scion logo is silver in color which symbolizes brilliance, high-quality and well-known performance. The black company name embedded in between car shows maturity and innovation.

Scion Emblem and Logo Symbol

scion emblem



scion symbol



scion logo sign


Most Popular Scion Car Models

Scion cars are unique and new generation cars. Everyone loves the compact size car. The youth-oriented Scion brand has introduced amazing cars and following are the amazing brand.

• Scion FR-S

It is one of the sportiest vehicles. It is lightweight and can maintain balance. The car model is similar to BRZ having four cylinders spiritual successor. One of the standard features of the car is having a backup camera. The amazing standard audio system is accompanied with 7-inch touch screen display. It contains navigation system, lights used especially during fog, automatic headlights, and great alloy wheels.

2016 Scion FR S japanese car



• Scion iM

Toyota has made this car to reach its global value. The new four-door car is available in the European market and known as a youth brand. The car owns great installed accessories, spacious interior and excellent exterior. The features include LED running lights, alloy wheels and folding side mirrors.

2016 Scion iM Japan Car Model



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