Subaru logo History, Subaru Symbol, Emblem and Models

Subaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company which is well known for years. The company is known for having a Boxer engine just like introduced in Porsche and Volkswagen. All of the cars presented by the company are in wheel drive-train layout. Even the small cars introduced are well known in the market and offer turbocharged passenger cars. So read the interesting Subaru logo history and its famous models.

Subaru Car Brand

Founded: July 15, 1953
Founder: Kenji Kita
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Subaru logo History and Meaning

Subaru Company is a part of Fuji Heavy Industries. The founder name Kenji Kita decided to name the company with the Pleiades which means star cluster in Japanese. The term the Pleiades is also referred as Seven Sisters. It is known as extremely bright blue stars which can be seen even with a naked eye. Just like other company logos, Subaru logo has also been evolved many times. Many changes have been made in background color as well as a cluster of stars. The designers of Subaru made amendments from gold stars to red stars and ended up making a decision on the attractive logo.

Subaru logo
Subaru Logo has five small stars and one big star which is placed in an oval circle. The latest amendment has been made with a blue background in light shade, and the shape of oval have gone flattened.

Shape of Subaru Logo

The Subaru Logo has a shape which is flat and is in an oval shape. Every star has four points which represent stars. One big star is present on the top left corner while others are found in the right corner. Each star is interconnected with other. However, the exceptionally designed logo is organized and gives a simple look.

Color of Logo

The Subaru logo has two colors; one is silver, and other is blue. The blue background depicts night sky and star cluster in it. According to many users, the logo is romantic. The silver colors depict brilliance, while blue color shows professionalism.

Subaru Emblem and logo Symbol

Subaru emblem



Subaru logo sign



Subaru symbol


Most Popular Subaru Car Models

Following are the top and recent model of Subaru Company. The car models are great in performance and well known because of elegant style.

• Subaru Legacy

The car is still working in present and is available from 1990. The legacy car is getting better with every new model introduced. It has been awarded quality award because of unusual driving characteristics and outstanding performance. The car is available in two versions of Boxer engine. Moreover, with 6-speed manual.

Subaru Legacy Car Model



• Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is an innovative and technology embedded car with rear wheel drive. It is affordable and easy to modify. The car engine has at least 200 horsepower with supporting sports pumping. It owns great sports suspension with great handling. It is a classic car.

Subaru BRZ Japan Autombile



• Subaru WRX STI

The car reached in American showrooms in 2002. It gained success instantly. The car has turbocharged engine. It is well known because of fantastic and great look. It has grabbed the attention of users and rally racers because of great handling and outstanding quality. The car has a horsepower of 300 and owns 6 manual transmissions. The large brakes, rear spoiler, gold wheels surely win the heart of drivers.

Subaru WRX STI Japanese Car Brand



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