All Swedish Cars Brands Names and logos List

Swedish export 95% of their automobile to other countries and earn imports. Swedish car brands are very popular in the world because of their design and reliability.

Swedish automotive company has a great impact on the world car market because of the sale big buses trucks and cars to other countries. The biggest manufacturers in Sweden are a Volvo and Saab automobile. Volvo AB is truck and bus manufacturing company that produces big luxurious buses of business and gold class. These buses are purchased by different companies. Some big automobile companies of Sweden are as follow.

Current  Swedish cars brand list

Caresto (2004)

Koenigsegg (1994)
Saab (1945)
Scania (1911)
Volvo Cars (1927)

Esther (1987)


koenigsegg logo

Active: 1994 – Present
Headquarters: Ängelholm, Scania, Sweden
Founder: Christian von Koenigsegg
Main Article: Koenigsegg Logo History

Koenigsegg car company was a dream of a boy who got inspired by a cartoon hero who created his own supercar. Christian Koenigsegg has great talent in the field of the cars and automobile since his childhood. When he was 20, he earned enough money to start his own business by fulfilling his dream of making his own car.

Swedish car brands koenigsegg cars

He succeeds in making his supercar in 2002. This company was founded in 1994. It took him eight years to create his dream car. Koenigsegg logo was a great piece of art. It was a tribute to Swedish airforce.


2- Volvo Group

volvo logo
Active: 1927 – Present
Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Founder: Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson

Volvo is one of biggest Swedish cars brands. Volvo AB is big bus manufacturer and truck maker. Volvo trucks are most popular trucks in the world. Now the almost manufacturing 175000 automotive a year which is export to another country by Sweden. The automotive companies are the back of Sweden.

Swedish cars brands volvo cars

The are earning imports and earning money from other countries. Volvo logo is very simple and very attractive. It has a silver color and also with an arrow pointing upward toward the right. The logo in the center has a company name write in a stylish font.


3- SAAB Automotive AB

saab logo
Active: 1945 – Present
Headquarters: Trollhättan, Sweden
Parent Company: Saab Group
Main Article: Saab Logo History

Saab is also Swedish company that was first and fighting airplane maker during world War II. But when the world war II was moving towards an ending then they thought who is going to purchase fighting jets now. So they though to find a new automotive market.

saab cars

They created car under general motor company till 2010. Then the company was sold. They Saab logo was a blue emblem with a bird on it with a crown. The bird was spitting fire out if its mouth. The logo looks great on Saab cars and SUV’s.


4- Caresto

caresto logo
Active: 2004 – Present
Headquarters: Angelholm, Sweden
Founder: Leif Tufvesson

Caresto is a Swedish car automotive company. Leif Tufvesson started Caresto in 2004. Leif Tufvesson is the founder of Caresto and creator of 4 of its Hot Rod sports car. Leif Tufvesson won “Hot Rod year” award from “Most Innovative Car” and Hot Rod Magazine in the USA.

caresto arkham car



Defunct Swedish cars manufacturers list

Carina (1958 - 1959)Design by Ulf (1992 - 2005)ERL (1948 - 1951)
Esther (1987 - 2013)Gin-1 (1995 - 1999)Hedlunds (1980 - 1989)
Hult Healey (1984 - 1990)Josse (1997 - 2000)Kalmar (1967 - 1977)
Norsjo (1960 - 1979)OBC (1967 - 1974)Ockelbo (1950 - 1959)
Reeva (1964 - 1968)RPB (1965 - 1981)Sethera (1980 - 1999)
Silentia (1975 - 1978)Sniper (1998 - 2004)Solon (1988 - 1995)

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